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Ryan and Kirsten: Rysten

the Modern-Day Lancelot and Guinevere

Ryan and Kirsten: True Love
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Welcome to rystenlove!

About Ryan & Kirsten:
A very unconventional pairing, they first captured our interest in "The Model Home" after nearly colliding in the kitchen, and exchanging some very potent stares over the dinner table. By the time the first season ended with "The Ties That Bind," they had captured our hearts as well.

They have the most unique relationship of any two characters on "The O.C.," one that has changed -- deepened and evolved -- while nearly every other relationship on the show has remained static. They're there for each other, they rely on each other, and can speak to each other as complete equals. They can read each other without being in the same room, and often times don't even have to speak a word to have an entire conversation.

They are forbidden, they are perfect for each other; they are wonderfully, beautifully Rysten. ♥
About the Community:
rystenlove is your source for anything and everything Rysten, as well as anything relating to Ben McKenzie and Kelly Rowan.

Fanfiction is welcome, but must be clearly labeled (title/author/spoilers/rating/summary), and feel free to post any Rysten-related media! This includes fanmixes, fanvids, and icons/graphics.

This is a respectful community, no bashing of any kind is allowed here, and no spamming. Read some fics, snag some icons (don't forget to comment/credit!) and have fun at the LJ home for everything Rysten!

Some extras:
The Ryan/Kirsten Ship Manifesto
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